Clean Air, Clean Water

ASF is guided by a simple rule handed down from generation to generation – leave things better than you found them. But energy development has not heeded this rule.

For decades, Appalachia has been ravaged by coal and natural gas production, and the results have devastated our mountains and streams, and our homes and communities. Our forests have been razed, our mountain tops stripped and destroyed streams, buried or filled with mine waste, scenic views in and from our national parks obscured by smoggy haze, and our air and water are heavy with toxins. Concerned citizens are leading the battle against pollution from energy development – but the fight is difficult. ASF was created to help.

“ASF is here to help you protect the land, air and water of Appalachia from energy development.”

ASF supports projects that educate the public about the harm to our communities and region from energy development. We support projects that help reduce pollution including greenhouse gases – through cleaner technologies and simply using less electricity – and that restore clean air and water.

We exist to help mitigate and remedy the devastating impacts of energy development across Appalachia and advance the environmental values that will lead our energy future.

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