ASF Announces Fall 2014 Fall Grant Awards

The Board of the Appalachian Stewardship Foundation is pleased to announce our grant recipients for our Fall 2014 funding cycle.

People Concerned About Chemical Safety, Charleston, West Virginia
$20,000 fo fund Spill Prevention and Mitigation Project
University of Virginia, Department of Environmental Sciences, Charlottesville, Virginia 
$17,863 to fund Vertical Profiling of Methane Concentrations with a Multi-Rotor Copter. 
University of Virginia, Department of Environmental Sciences, Charlottesville, Virginia
$10,000 to fund a study exploring Tree Rings as Chroniclers of Mercury Exposure 
The Mountain Institute, Circleville, West Virginia
$12,000 to fund Mountain Energy Monitors Program
Friends of Blackwater, Charleston, West Virginia
$5,000 to support the Climate Change Educational Road Show,
$10,000 matching funding for 2015 Allegheny Highlands Climate Change Impacts Conference
Energy Efficient West Virginia, Charleston, West Virginia
$10,000 to fund Energy Efficient Charleston
Coal River Mountain Watch, Naoma, West Virginia
$5,000 to fund Water Monitoring through the Citizens’ Enforcement Program
Shenandoah Valley Network, The Plains, Virginia
$5,000 to fund Shenandoah Valley Network Energy Project
Highlanders for Responsible Development, Monterey, Virginia
$5,000 to fund The Dominion Pipeline Monitoring Coalition

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